Saturday, June 13, 2009

GeoPicker on Android

This is my first app on Android Market. Sometime I want to know the coordinates of a building, a address, a place or my current location. So I make this application for me and I like it. So I publish on Android Market and hope it can help someone.

I don't like a complex application. So GeoPicker is a simple and useful tool. I hope you will like it.
Please leave a comment,any suggestion will be welcome.

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lastest: GeoPicker ver. 1.1

support language: English, Traditional Chinese

How to use:

You can drag the pin or pan the map to anywhere. The panel on below will show the coordinates of the pin. You also can use menu->MyLocation to move pin to your current location.

Release History:
  • MyLocation: move pin to your current location.
  • Format: change coordinates format
  • Satellite: switch map/satellite.
  • Search: reverse address geocoding, seach a place
  • Copy: copy current location to ClipBoard
  • fix a little bug
  • Direction: invoke Google map to direct from your current location to pin.
  • coordinates in Clipboard will change to lat/, xxx.xxxxx . I think maybe someone will misunderstand lat/lon,so I won't remove the lat/lon. But new format you can erase "lat/lon:" more easily.
  • panning map and drag pin smoother
  • click coordinates panel to change format
  • address geocoding
  • UI tuning
  • provide a interface for other apps
  • copy address into clipboard
  • customized copy format