Monday, August 19, 2013

Well Brightness: a quick brightness tool on Android

Sometime I use my android phone to read some RSS news before sleeping.
The brightness is not comfortable for me even I turn it to lowest.
After searching on Google Play I found some app can set the brightness lower than minimum setting. But it's too complicate or too much functions for me.

So I wrote WellBrightness to solve my problem and keep it as simple as grandma can use.. :D.

As the screenshot, you can  see not much functions here. You just need to drag the best brightness for your eyes. And taping screen out of dialog or pressing back key to exit WellBrightness. You should also see WellBrightness allows you to drag to  darker than minimum limitation :D .

The auto check is just a shortcut to apply auto brightness by Settings.

How does negative brightness  work?

If you need a negative brightness value, WellBrightness will enable screen filter and show a notification in status bar. It's a trick to use alpha effect to let you feel the lower brightness and not hurt your battery  or screen. Just drag it, it will change the brightness/screen filter seamlessly. 

This app can solve my problem in a very dark environment.
I hope it is also helpful for you.