Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PalmBook Reader on Android Market

You can read the palm book(.pdb) in your android device, but it's only support the text, no image and no eReader and iSilo format.It's a simple reader, I always use it to read novel.

how to use:
1.choose a default charset
2.put you pdb books
3.menu->sync sd
4.click books name
5.select a right charset & format

Now, PalmBookReader is opensource...
If you are interested, please join to develop.

English Book
choose the Download format - PalmDoc
Charset:US-ASCII or ISO 8859-1 Format: PalmDoc

Charset:US-ASCII or ISO 8859-1 Format: Compressed Text

Chinese Book
Charset:big5 ,Format: Uncompressed Text

Someone share on Mobile01
Charset:big5 ,Format: Palm Doc

If you know the other site can download pdb, please tell me..

Relase note:
1.fix format bug
2.add color option
3.remove menu "Top", but you still can press trackball to move to top of the page.
4.add more charset

1. fix bug
2. use trackball to scroll a page up/don


  1. Perfect, but i am not able to set charset windows-1250 in documents with czech. Will it be possible in future?? I tried all formats and charset, but without any effect.

    Thanks you!

  2. Please upgrade your app on Market..
    The lastest release supports windows-1250

  3. Thanks,

    encoding is now OK.
    But i have one more question. Exist any option for continual text like in a FBReader or JJReader.
    If exist PalmBookReader will be my favourite reader for android.


  4. PalmBookReader will remember the lastest position of the book you read. When you open the book again, it will show the latest position you read....
    Are you mean this?

  5. No,
    I mean fluently text no buttons next page and previous page.
    Only status on left side like in FBReader

    I think that it is not possible now, but in future maybe...


  6. does`t support "search" and copy & paste button

  7. Very handy app!

    Just a suggestion:

    When you use the track ball to scroll to the end of the page. Is it possible for the track ball to highlite the prev or next button? This is so you don't need to use the touch screen to flip the page.


  8. Hi,nexsus

    thanks for your suggestion, I'll try to do this in the next upgrade....

  9. Thanks for the upgrade! This makes it easier to read on the subway.

  10. Everything was working then today I downloaded an undate an now it force closes and cant open any books. I uninstalled then reinstalled and was able to open 1 book the changed page and it forced closed. Any suggestions

  11. i dont know how to work it, i dont know what charset is and when i put to sync files it doesnt find any books please help me

    message me at wolfmastergerardoalaverga@gmail.com

  12. So, Android supports .pdb files in general? I've searched everywhere, with no luck. I'm now using an offline travel guide with starting/arrival times of my trains and buses. This program is extremely crucial to me... Would it work on an Android phone?

    Thanks in advance!

  13. No, You need to parse .pdb by yourself. This app is open source. You can visit the page and get the source.


  14. I am used to take notes directly from the book i am reading. Do you have any plans to add a copy function?

    Search would also make it a lot more useful.

  15. Between the iPhone 3Gs and Nexus One I didn't notice that much of a performance difference, but there is a difference. Between the older iPhone and iTouch devices there is a HUGE boost.

  16. Does it read plucker format.

  17. No...it does not support plucker format...

  18. Love the app. Really needs a sleep timer. When i fall asleep reading the screen drains my batery and my alarm doesn' t go on in the morning!
    Keep up the good work

  19. could accelerometer technology can be included in this kind

  20. I am very new to Android but have many pdb files left from my Centro. But I am confused. I installed the reader and moved it to SD card. Then I downloaded 2 books from chuggnutt. I can not see them in Android. When I connect to PC using USB I see them in a folder named download. I do not know where to move them so they will appear in the list in Android.

  21. Hi, Albertson

    You should sync sd then you will see it on the list.
    In first page of PalmbookReader and press menu->Sync SD->All PDB

  22. I can see my Palm Books on the list after sync, along with text files. Text files will open. Books do not open even though they are on the list. Any suggestions? Thanks

  23. I can see my Palm Books on the list after sync, along with text files. Text files will open. Books do not open even though they are on the list. Any suggestions? Thanks
    September 17, 2011 5:15 PM

  24. Hi Bro,

    palmbookreader is realy great app. Was using Haali reader on my WM6.1 mobile, but after migration to Android, PBR is my favorite. I only missing possibility to open single file via "Open/find location" hope you know what I mean. And charset changes should be applied also for the file names. :)

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  26. This app is really interesting and hope it will run smoothly with latest Os Updates.